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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Q. Can I not just leave my door open for easy access?

A. A door that is permanently open is not a solution to providing disabled access, and as such would not be agreed under planning regulations. It has been pointed out by disabled groups that leaving doors open can result in extremes in temperature which is never really welcome. By leaving doors open it makes regulated temperatures inside hard to attain and expensive, but with the use of an automatic door you are able to maintain temperature at a good level with the use of heating.

Q. What does it mean to be an ADIA member?

A. As members of ADIA and the DoorSafe Register it ensures that our engineers have completed the BS EN16005 accredited by City and Guilds. Also, as a member we are always kept up-to-date with the latest industry changes and standards.

Q. Why choose an ADSA member?

A. First founded in 1985 for ensuring superior levels of safety for automatic doors, ADSA makes sure that members are providing their customers with the best door for the situation and their requirements. As an ADSA member we have helped numerous clients over the years with the installation of quality automatic doors for their properties.

Q. What happens in the event of a power cut?

A. In the event of a power cut the automatic doors can still be opened manually, and if you want to ensure continued operation a battery backup can be fitted.

Q. Do I need to have my automatic doors serviced after installation?

A. Although there is no legal requirement to have the doors serviced, it is required under the Machinery Directive that doors must function safely for use by employees and any other users. The doors need to be maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications as failing to take the proper action could result in a court penalty in the event of an injury. Our team will be able to perform any door maintenance that may be required to ensure continued working operation.

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Automatic Doors Devon Automatic Doors Devon Automatic Doors Devon Automatic Doors Devon Automatic Doors Devon Automatic Doors Devon Automatic Doors Devon Automatic Doors Devon Automatic Doors Devon Automatic Doors Devon Automatic Doors Devon
    Automatic Doors Devon Automatic Doors Devon

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